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The Challenge:
Creating a Brand Experience for a Live Event.

Udemy LIVE is an annual event for Udemy's most-valued instructors.  There had been a recent rebrand for the company, so when it came time to start creating the assets for the event, there was a larger task of establishing what would be built upon for subsequent events. I worked with the Visual Designer, who had already started by creating a logo.


Event Design

The Design Solution:

A large contingent of the audience comes from all over the world to San Francisco to meet with other instructors. This event is the one time a year they all get together in person to meet and learn from each other. Thinking of everyone’s journey or path to the event prompted the idea of making lines that came off of the logo to give it movement and energy. Extrapolating that idea, we came up with the different versions of the paths to create shapes. Tying together those shapes created a design system that could be broken into tracks for different levels or uses (Instructor, Employee, Student, etc). Ultimately the tracks were used for setting up environmental signage using the main brand color (Durulova) that also was used for the keynote of the CEO. The other colors were used for instructor decks, badging, swag, etc.

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