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The Challenge: Guide customers to self-improvement

To sell online education, Udemy needed to make its courses relevant to the daily lives of potential customers. Udemy developed a campaign, timed to launch at the new year when people are considering annual goals and resolutions, that focused on areas of self-improvement such as eating healthier, getting more organized, and better personal finance management. The campaign had to be a seamless extension of the Udemy brand and had to work across social advertising that drove traffic to a Udemy IRL Blog, which drove leads to the Udemy course list.

Udemy: #IRL Blog

Design + Illustration

The Design Solution:
A smooth brand experience from lead to sale

I developed a visual language that included a campaign logo, illustrations for each post that matched course content, illustrations and imagery for social media posts to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and header bars that created organizational system to distinguish different types of content and provided a structure to ensure consistency in new content creation. Central to the campaign were new illustrations that conveyed the real life benefit of the course material. Toward the goal of approachability, the campaign illustrations had a natural and less refined sketch style that complemented the existing uDemy product and video illustrations. This ensured a smooth brand experience as the customer went from social media to Udemy product and helped improve conversions and increased sales.

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