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Apricot_Analytics - Style guide [Recover
The Challenge:
Standing out
in a new
fast-growing market.

Apricot Analytics is a new cannabis test laboratory entering the legal cannabis market in California. This emerging market is flooded with new businesses including test labs, the brands of which had similar marijuana leaf imagery, scientific jargon, and serious, dry personality.   Recognizing that the lab customer, cannabis product cultivators and manufacturers, were not so somber nor versed in scientific jargon, Apricot Analytics needed to create a distinctive brand that conveyed a new approach and personality.

Apricot Analytics

Brand Development

apricot-analytics_site design-V4_Front P
The Design Solution: Playful and approachable.

After research into the cannabis lab customer and lab competitors, I developed a complete brand identity including logo, website, and presentation template.  Core to the brand was a distinctive look and personality that set Apricot Analytics apart from other labs. A bright and modern apricot and green color palette and playful logo helped make a scientific topic approachable to the lab’s non-scientific audience. The logo took the lower case Century Gothic “a”, doubled it, and using a smaller portion of the left hand side, mimicked the shape of an apricot, providing a fun feel appropriate for the informal and adventurous cannabis market.

This is an ongoing project.

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