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The Challenge:
Selling a brand to
brand-conscious retailers.

eBay needed to convince prominent retailers to have greater presence on eBay. To do this, eBay created a bespoke event tailored to a curated list of retailers, including Chanel, Supreme and Nike. The goal of the event, and the event brand, was to convince these retailers that eBay was an appropriate place for their brands.

eBay: Future of Retail

Presentation Design

The Design Solution:
Color and motion.

For this important event, I created a communication style that extended the recently refreshed eBay brand while creating a distinctive space that made attendees feel part of an exclusive corner of eBay. Using the colored squares in a grid that was central to the new eBay brand, I created alternating groups of different size and hue squares across the presentation. This created a sense of motion and provided a theme that gave the different presentation topics a unified feeling.   Along with designing the deck itself, I created animations and interstitials that helped unify the event beyond the presentation deck itself. Like most events, all this was done on a tight timetable with last minute edits while helping speakers to rehearse and providing support where needed.

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